Hacefew days, a companion told me that she liked going to turn back in the alley of Coahuila, because in the Sixth Trolos madrearon the cure.

2:00 ” El Cholo ”  says Pasadita both near the bar El Farolito squeegee screams Come and see the donkey show!

5: 30 bars begin to close and all I see is a show of transvestites as prostis and vestiditas tenageers that found an echo in the audience. ” Wait a minute, here Farolito we never said that there was a donkey show ” …

Some chronicles on the internet and especially in a scotch of American films emphasize the existence of a show that has caused more than one to come to Tijuana in search of a feast: a Mexican woman having sex with a donkey.

Owner of a popular bar in the Northern Zone, Gustavo Lopez says that ” In the 90, came many gringos asking, hey where’s the donkey show? but ever since I own this place, 20 years to be exact, I have known a point where they do ” .

Moling Rouge

At the beginning of last century, with the prohibition of alcohol by the Volstead law in the United States, canteens and game houses flourished in Tijuana. It was very simple: to cross the border on foot, to get well fart with little money, to play hard and to hire prostitutes became a habit for the gringos. With this movement was born the Moulin Rouge, a legendary little bar in the heart of ” In the 20, where it is now high Red Alba in the center, the Moulin Rouge was. It was considered the worst dump in the city. They say that they did any show there, even zofilic acts not only with donkeys, but dogs and so on. Even I understand that there is a film where this fact is documented” , she tells the historian Joshua Beltran, historian.

Josué believes that years later, especially in the Second World War, such recurring shows could have been made, and although in some descriptions of the time reference is made to the Red Mill, other bars may have managed in their exquisite portfolio of varieties, Donkey show, dog show or a monkey show.

I gave myself a role in the North Zone with my boyfriend taking advantage of being a gringo. That ” Cholo ”  can not get me wrong, I thought. I started in the First as I said, waiting for some squeegee, at least to get us fair shout:  Here’s the donkey show!

Nothing out of the ordinary: the same Britney Spears-style prostis, recharged on the walls of the congales patiently offering their services. Of course, my eyes were dazzled by the neon signs recently mounted on Chicago and Adelitas. There is wool here.

-Hey man, can I ask you a quick question?

-Yeah man wath’s up?

-Have you ever heard anything about the donkey show in Tijuana?

Motherfucker, the black Ed Hardy T-shirt, limited edition and knee-high metal inlays, turned me around with a look of terror; The zoophilic of my boyfriend and I kept walking.

Lights ” Honk Kong ”  leave me blind. Opposite, a group of gringos take pictures with a waiter of the table dance. The same dynamic: good fart, one of the white boys talk me ten years ago, ” was horrible, a very sad scene, a woman leaning over the table and a donkey behind her. I do not remember the place, not if it was Tijuana, but I think I saw him here . ” Into confidence, he asked if we are mexicans and asked to take us a picture  ” to remember  ” .

Mission: ca (t) char gringo

A few years ago tens of chronic began appearing on the web where claimed that on the border with San Diego, about 20 pesos yellow taxi drivers (drivers for excellence tourists), led the legendary donkey show , but the reality is different: ” The donkey show , what a good time! When there was money, I do not know if it was done before, but 20 years to date, I can assure you that it does not exist. What I can tell you is that how we exploit that phrase, we almost almost institutionalized it! ” Says Arturo Gonzalez, a driver for more than 30 years has rolled with tourists.

Taxi drivers, like flies, were put in ” pear ” near the line and shouting with an English madreadocome and see the donkey show!

” It was a catch-phrase gringos: We could agree with some bars in the center as the Chicagos or Adelitas, and for every wero we got into with that pretext, we brought a commission of $ 8 per person ” .

After entering the bar wanting beer and women, drunks gringos went well and he forgot the mentioned show … And the party … is just getting started!

Today neither the historian Josué Beltrán, nor the old merchant Gustavo Lopez, believe that it exists. ” The donkey show has become an element to extol the black legend that haunts the city.No doubt it was at some point, or even that has been made at this time clandestinely in the city, but honestly, despite my research, no one has been able to tell me I did go to that place and witnessed ” .

Edgar Alcaraz, a ruco who works in the Red Mill from 1965 and until today that is a parking, reveals a data that perhaps completely tumbles the myth. In the Red Mill of the North Zone there was a peculiar spectacle: two men disguised as donkeys and a dancer simulated the sexual act. ” By the end of the night, very drunk gringos always believed it was true “