someone knows that being critical is synonymous with receiving banging on the nose, it is a bastard called Ektor Henrique Martinez.

“Hey, I should send you a text for you to post here. I no longer want to publish in any pinchi side, nothing else I write in Sequoyah Virtual, electronic magazine of poetry, arts and literature, “says the Charko.

It is no less: since 2003, from the blogosphere and then in some supplements, Éktor has been one of the few feathers in force that destroy, as well as poets and reporters, that public officials linked to culture. Today he does it through the blog, his only resource.

«I have about 10 blogs; Grammar linguistics; syntax; Literary criticism; Feminine literature; Of the pro Rubén Vizcaíno; Of poetry and even of dossier that includes anthologies of poets ». But it’s not true: the Charko has 17 blogs that update almost every month.

Licensed in law by the UABC and self-taught in linguistics and semantics, the Charko – which by the way means jaw or shark bite – is a solitary dog in the streets of Tijuana. A single dog, which can not go unnoticed.

“I am judging with a much higher standard, it is true. Friends of Spain have told me: you make a lot of demands on the writers of Tijuana, and I do not think they can give you more! “He tells me mockingly.

“Then what do you criticize, where do you want to go with all this?”

“Ah, bastard, I never thought of that. I think it is necessary to deflate those who call themselves poets and writers, and they are not. It is necessary to scrutinize to the bottom so that the people see that the intellectuals are inflated people, bloferos that live of pure appearances and the artists, a ball of melolengos, imitators of the worst pseudo-aesthetic formulas, hunters of institutional alms and also submerged in A passive and hedonistic life to evade the real and concrete problems of the world.

“And they have remedy?” -Ektor is silent, turns to the editorial ceiling, then to the wall, then to me, and asks:

“Can you smoke in here?”

“There’s the ashtray.”

“You know, I’m apocalyptic in that: I think they have no remedy and I think the thing is going to get worse and worse.


-We are going to reach a point where it is not clear what is literature and what is not. People have perverted poetry and literature.

Without thinking about it, the Charko thunders without being asked: “All writers are freaks who have left the humanities school.” When I ask him about the poets, he says almost pissed “And Gilberto Licona, for example, is one of many guilty” because he publishes any barruntada in the magazine Existir.

-And because?

-Mete any garbage, pseudolíricas effusions and mental masturbations, said to promote literature.

-Why do you say that?

-There is no collegial body that says what should be published and what not. The texts that put Lycra in its redrole faint of consistency; Texts of scarce literary scope in which it deprives the lack of stylistic resources; They do not use metaphor, image or music; And is that here every 20 year old man is already a poet, when French writers consider that a poet is young at 40!

Expert in spelling, semantics and syntax, criticism of the Charko have no mother. He shatters the heads of the Frontera newspaper and then analyzes him against the “perpetual grantee,” Heriberto Yépez.

But why believe in Éktor’s criticism? The answer is simple: because nobody else sits on the bench to Angel Norzagaray, Rafa Saavedra or Nortec, all immaculate in the border culture.

“It seems that Heriberto Yépez and Rafa Saavedra are competing to see who of the two is less understood in their texts. The baths do not come out of the kitsch, that is of the border theme. Saavedra is the prince of pochoñol and Yépez the king of the enciphered text; Both giant leeches that suck and suck from the budget boat, but they are offended as true creators of the system that promotes them and suckles them; Transfigured unbridled metalanguage, that little modèque that preaches the text within the text, “he says.

The bath takes a breath, gives a little to the frajo and then follows:

“No one has a social commitment, do you know what they are writing for? Do you know why there are intellectuals in Baja California? To suck the budget. We live a war of cultural tribes-then laugh-mafiecitas of arribistas who see as booty and houses of assault to the institutions of culture “.

The day I received Éktor at the writing of Diez4, a meter before entering, stopped. Shaken by the stairs, with a loud, almost shouting voice, the bato asked:

-You are not scholarship holders, they also grab a fair from the institutions of culture?

I did not know him in person, but I knew his work, so it seemed to me a sensible way to start an interview with a critic who is really abhorred by practically all the state’s intellectuals. In other words, the Charko painted his line.

“No wey, please.

For Éktor, severe criticism is a necessity. “For me literature and criticism are not hobbies; Are activities inherent in my existence and formation. When I write an article in my blog I dedicate about six hours to the text, with notes that I keep in notebooks. I go in the car, or read a newspaper and then analyze before long to sit down and write.

There are days that the Charko gets up at 3:00 in the morning to hit the keyboard and ends at 10:00 or 11:00 at night.

“And has it served?”

– At least I think something, now there are hills interested in literature that already dare to question and criticize the assholes of the intellectuals of Baja California. Now there are blogs that are threshing machines, which, although scarce, analyze, criticize and ridicule any intellectual inflated.

-As which?

-Aaron the Papasquiaro, Julio the Swede, the first Chango 100, Pan and Circus, for example.

Then he says nothing in theory: “Master Antonio Gramsci says that when someone is severely criticized, he can react in two ways: either he withdraws and stops writing idols, or, well, the bastard is composed and improved.”

“Well, what are you doing?” They publish books to them.

“Books that are packed in the warehouses, in the bookstores, and nobody reads, interrupts me.

“They write, I will.”

-Well me too; And I do it, not by the street, but by entering the alley, from there I pick up the trash