You can buy love? Properly what is known as love (that deep feeling of affection, that compatibility with another being) can not buy true love is priceless, and worth sigh. What can be acquired is the illusion of love through encounters and products that generate physical or mental satisfaction.

Thus there are several options at hand, ranging from the blind date to the sex service, through chats (telephone or cyber) to share intimate details and feel even for a moment, understood, loved, desired.

It is that we all need affection and pleasure (a little bit?) And if it has not been possible to find in a conventional way there are those who choose to find it through mercantile transactions or venture to arrange encounters with strangers.

” Seeking new experiences w4mw ” says the ad title that went to Craigslist.

I did the experiment of announcing myself as a bisexual girl in search of new experiences and the answers did not wait. The first day I got 15 proposals: photographs of integers and faces (some very goons, in fact), phone numbers, addresses, questions about my intentions or my ‘bodies special ”  (if charged).

But what I received most were pictures of genitals (dicks and pussys) as pa ‘convince me. My description reads: ” For Valentine’s Day I look for new erotic experiences. I am friendly, affectionate, passionate and very sociable. Brown hair, honey-colored eyes, thin and fair skin. I like to meet people, go to the movies, dance, walk on the beach and ride a bike. My favorite color is purple, I hear all kinds of music and I collect lingerie because I love me sexy ” .

And some responses were these: ” lovely Hello, my wife is bi curious,  we are ready to go out for afew beers and if all goes as smooth ke do ke follows. T e have 27 years ‘ .

We can go to know, my girlfriend is nalgona and has 40DD boobs and is well horny, is 23 years old .

Guapa, I would like to enjoy Valentine together, you say. I attached a picture of what you could enjoy until you can no more .

We have experienced and we liked it, we could not find someone to take it further. Believe me it will be very fun to be 3 together .

If you think you seduce my wife, I can sit still until both feel comfortable and want to participate .

I would like to dance with you knowing you have sexy lingerie under your clothes, shall we? .

I love to please and am very good at giving oral sex, well I’m in good condition and can take for hours   send me a text to phone … .

She: 26 years. 1.60 in height. clear skin. big breasts. Big buttocks. I: 27 years. 1.70 in height.Brown skin 18.5 cm long .

Mommy, m and would like to take you shopping at Victoria’s Secrets and see when you’re testing your clothes .

My boyfriend know you want to be with him and a woman. I am also bisexual .

B uscamos a girl who is our little friend at least 41 years. Just healthy fun, three little kisses in bed, kisses and caresses, without crazy things. Are you interested »

Tempting offerings, 81 in all.

I concluded that it is an effective alternative because there is a lot of personal information and disposition, although the reliability is doubtful given the easy to invent an identity. Still some think it’s worth taking a chance (I know of a couple who met on Craigslist), but be warned: some ads can result in scams.


If you want to play it safe in this meeting it is of passionate sex work (prostitution, then), which is the most direct way to ” buy love ”  that is to exchange sex for money.

Many believe that women only practice (called prostitutes, whores, prostitutes, whores, prostitutes, whores, prostitutes, paraditas ), but also men and transgender sex workers (and if you’re very naive you can go for a ride).

In Tijuana, the Municipal Health Department issues membership cards to sex workers (after ruling out diseases) and in their records they have a population of around 6,300 sex workers. Although this figure rises (know how much) with all the clandestine prostitutes: those who work at home, in their homes, in hotels or also in the streets and in the dens.

Walking in the North Zone is enough to realize the large number of sexoservidores renting by different rates, almost all determined by time and not by jale. That is: they charge for half an hour and during that time the work can be very varied (oral, vaginal, anal). The exuberant Azul Ayelet, for example, is quoted in Las Adelitas for $ 60 and told me that her clients ask her for oral sex. The following are positions, the most popular of dog . ” Typically , ” he told me all boredom while on makeup. After interrogating her, she asked me “do you want to work?” I answered a “no, thank you” but I understood that the market continues to increase, which was confirmed by the Chief of Sanitary Control, Manuel Mayor Noriega, saying that sex workers are increasing in proportion to population growth.


There is a kind of love that is acquired without any problem, he is faithful and long lasting: sextoys.

Well, there is no human contact; And therefore there is no danger of being ripped off or infected.

Condoms and lubricants are the best-selling products in sexshops, but the house specialty is vibrators.

The adult stores that have a greater variety of merchandise are Love Boutique and Sex Shop in the City, where the staff explain with discretion the functions of each toy.

There are dildos, puchas, sexdolls, movies, costumes and all kinds of heterosexual fetishes and homosexuals, with prices ranging from 120 pesos to 1,600.

One of the most exotic gadgets is an Xtasy vibrator that offers double penetration and tripe stimulation (let your imagination fly).

Those in charge of these establishments find that their main clientele are women, although in general terms they consider that prejudice prevails, which prevents people from fully exploring their sexuality (and sexshops, to sell).

But it is easy to break the taboo, just go to one of these stores. Who removes and you convince that nothing bad has to spice the sexual pleasure, finally that with closed door each one that makes of its tail a kite.