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Lenin in football

You see, he who does not become a coach, puts his business or makes commercials. I do not know if you’ve seen Reynoso doing commercials for the Bimbo bread, and the Little Bird announcing clocks against ballooning during a supposed party of claw. I’ve been on the side of the goal and I’ve never looked at any watch, if even the knee pads bother you. Nowadays, nothing but mammons wear knee pads and watches, like Calderon. I got them to use, but it has rained since then, now to pure knee hair and nothing else, manito. But the thing that has fucked me was not something I could think of overnight; Besides, you know well that the players have always complained, those of yesterday and those of now, and it is always the same cantaleta; There is no security and everything leaves you to the good luck of your legs. Another fact that encouraged me to think things through was the trade union movement of the Suterm, which is splitting it nice and tasty. Of course I do not try to hide my responsibility, or deny what the newspapers say about the propaganda I did, and this does not scare me because I think we were right, right? I was thinking a lot of time and I even read a book by Lenin that talks about the unions and what the bosses are. At the last moment the idea matured like a good play for goal and when I started with my propaganda, manito, lic Iturralde said that the only thing that was missing, after the Tupamaros, was left-wing football players, as if the soccer players were pure idiots Conformists

Meanwhile, Benitez, a sellout to the directive, argued that at least (you realize, little hand: at least) now paid better than before, when the Dumbo Rodriguez and El Pirata Fuentes. There was no reason for such scandal. But Benítez is selected, Benítez does not give a damn what happens in the reserves; Benitez does not think of the second or third; Benítez wins well, has a sports shop, lives every mother and looks like Lic Iturralde, in the eye. Yes, although it has Spanish surname, it is Argentine but of those who say that it is necessary to end with the communists; Yes, it would be nice to go out with the military, believe it or not. And Benitez has no choice, and I think he must hate me because in the assemblies he always set him an example of what a footballer should not be. Elvira was also afraid, but a different fear, of woman, although it could be thought that Benítez was afraid of woman, worse for him; Elvira left me then with her do not get into trouble, see that the children need a well-established future, leave the matter for another occasion and bla-bla-bla, and even in bed was still with his bla-bla-bla, Crush and crush

You know how sentimental women are and Elvira came out of the radicals, you know her; But I thank him for his caresses on the nights when I looked very desperate. Everything is going to be okay, she told me, despite her morning tantrums, and her hands ruffled and then smoothed my hair. When I came out with her reproaches I did not say anything, I ate in silence, swallowing the fucking mothers too, because Elvira did not think things better, there was nothing else but her house and her children and her mother. With my mother-in-law were a scandal of a thousand demons; My father-in-law agreed on the need to organize the ba-lompie-cis-tas.

And I planned everything as if I was forming the best national team, manito. Notice. Some just wanted to be asked to raise salary and extraordinary premiums; others, with whom I had talked, we asked that not only adequately remunerate all comrades, but it was essential to create an organization that would protect us now and in the future , that the best way that we succeed respect was that, a union footballers, only then we would have sufficient strength so that from third to first stop screw us. We appointed commissions to go to the province: in Toluca we won some supporters, in Guadalajara they decided to apply the program of action to its final consequences, that is, to strike if necessary. Even Gómez threw the stitch of commitment to form a good team that would kick in the small area.

Some journalist swore to me that if we set the jaleo he committed to launch a good articulation in our favor, that it was time to do justice to the sportsman, that from us arose the possibility of creating a large confederation of athletes; And he sees that the articulazos appeared but in autogol, to fuck us, treating us of rioters and arguing that the politics and the sport were like the water and the oil. That was when Elvira became more foolish than ever and even sent the children with my mother-in-law, because, according to her, they were soon to make us something. Look manito, I understand that journalism works by injecting money and that slap honesty is a shit for the Iturraldes and for the same sports journalists; However one despairs and not nothing more for not having money to fill the pockets of journalists with silver, without and little by little even the trusted ones give you back. That journalist told me a few joints as if to make me understand that they would appear on the front page and with the photograph of the boys who were on the committee, but nanay, manito, pure sweet potato and well round.