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Fragment: The wife of the Reyna Brothers

The national soccer player Giovani Dos Santos wears a diadem to hold his abundant curly mane. Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper summoned to wear the green shirt, also wears a headband to hold his abundant curly mane. Other selected who like to hold their abundant curly mane with a headband are Andres Guardado and Efraín Juárez.

Giovani Dos Santos goes out with a young singer named Belinda. They are seen together in a gossip magazine. A young man of sixteen named Leonardo DiCaprio closes the gossip magazine and returns it to his shelf, a few steps from the cash register. He pays attention to the Dollar.

“Every human being needs a plan. Take the arthritic package you see there as an example. Easy is over sixty-five years old. I can assure you he’s a retiree. With the filthy eight hundred pesos that he charges in the bank, he does not have to reach or pay for his medicines, so he has to put up with that patron-faced supervisor every day who is going to be bothering him every time he gets the merchandise Because those bags are very difficult to take off from each other, and why all? Because the Lord did not bother to put together a plan. The same applies for the coming hunchback you see there. Who do you think is to blame for all that?

-Do not be silly. The world is a jungle. That applies especially to Mexico. No, the government is not to blame, the fault is the same package and the next comes, the two, for not having put together a plan. There are also those who decide to abandon the most blatant stinginess, but that is not a plan. It’s no use wasting your life counting every peso you spend. In the end all these deprivations are manifested on your outside. Has it happened to you to see a stingy man who looks healthy? Most suffer from overweight or anemia. No, that’s not a plan either.-Government?

“What this country needs is another revolution, a real one.” As if sounding like someone aware, Leonardo repeats what is happening, saying his history teacher, a bald, white-bearded communist who loves corduroy suits.

“Do not say bullshit. What this country needs is to cut three-quarters of its civil servants; But we know that’s impossible …

“What are you proposing to me?”

“You have to raid the jewelry you just placed on the corner of Fourth Street and Revolution. A jade necklace just arrived.

“What is jade?”

“Something worth a lot.”

“You see the jewelry is well protected.

“I have an infallible plan.” Everything depends on Mexico going through the eighth. If it does not arrive, the mission is aborted. The draw would take place half an hour before the selection will play its pass to the quarterfinals. The three of us with the green shirt on, not to distinguish us from the rest of the fools who at that time will be delirious with their national team. Also, when we are finished, be assured that no one will notice three assholes running with sacks full of jewelry and a necklace of jade.

“Why three?”

“One that stays outside, with the car on, that would be you. I’m going to get putazos to the guard while the Guts hammers to the showcases. I’m also going to help you pick up the loot.

“And you want us to wear the green team jersey on the day of the assault?”

-So is.

“Have not you seen the assault films?”


-How do the assailants dress?

-How do the assailants dress?

-Minimum of suit and tie. Disaster. And dark glasses. What joke does a jewelry store have if you’re going to wear it as a loaf? Besides, green does not go away.

“Do not be pissed.

The dollar was affected by the polio virus in his right leg when he was only four years old and lived with his parents and his fourteen brothers in a village in the Sinaloa sierra called El Descanso. The family shared their misery equitably, but the drought of 98 and 99 made the situation unbearable for the stomach of the Dollar, who, at the age of 19 and following his adventurous spirit, went down alone to Los Mochis, where he boarded the freight train Would take him clandestinely to Mexicali. There he swore to himself that he would never eat guamuchillas again in his entire life. Neither chelates seasoned with wild tomatoes and salt.

Much less chelates seasoned with wild tomatoes and salt.

After crossing the cold Rumorosa in the box of an F150 truck that left him in the Tijuana bus station, a pious municipal police patrol took him from there to the Casa del Migrante, where the volunteers served him and his companions A plate of pozole that he knew to glory to them all. The Dollar had been eating more than a week longer than urban waste.

On Monday morning a Michoacan contractor arrived at the shelter located in the Postal colony requesting five men with masonry experience. The dollar became the alluded one and approached the small brown pick-up with plates of California.

He worked for a week beating the cement mix destined for the remodeling of a house of change located a few meters from the San Isidro garage. There he met Goose, who gave him permission to sell trolley tickets in his territory.

June 27, 2014. The Mexico-Argentina match, where both teams will play their quarter-final in the 2014 World Cup, about to start at the Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The Dollar, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Guts carry the green jersey of the selection. Leonardo feels ridiculous dressed that way. The Dollar minivan has a white canvas on the back that proclaims: Mexico, I believe in you. It’s part of the costume …

-All Mexico is lelo with soccer. We have the city to ourselves.

And in that the commentator of the radio increases the volume of his voice:

– Long time for Tevez! Tévez on the ball! Tévez reaches it! Leave the Mexican defender behind! Position Forward! Judge does not mark out of place! Enter the small area! Strip! Goal of the Argentine team!

“This is a robbery!” His teammate in the transmission protests, highly indignant.

“Chadadamadre! Laments the Tripas.

“Are you listening to that?” Leonardo asks him.

“It’s important,” the Dollar informs him.

“Ah, you too?”

-If people lose faith in their selection, our plan comes down -reflects the Dollar.

 The classified in the newspaper requests a girl of good presentation, from eighteen to twenty-one years, with 100% English, to offer confidential employment. Good salary. Excellent performance. Raquel Torres immediately feels alluded to. The girl is nineteen years old. Of average height, golden complexion and wavy mane mahogany color, well cared for, almost always at the height of his shoulders. His body could not be said to be spectacular, much less after having had Emiliano, his two-year-old son, however Rachel knows how good she looks in executive attire. He has nice legs, athletic but not too muscular. It has a bewitching face. With features well proportioned and defined, which can accentuate through makeup.

-Raquel, I’m going to be honest with you: we’re looking for a saleswoman for a jewelry store that we’re going to put on the corner of Fourth Street and Revolution. The commissions are very good, but that’s not the only thing, the fixed salary is also excellent. So I tell you once: of all the girls I’ve interviewed so far, you’re the most qualified for the job. You have the right presentation, you have good English, I just need your permission to investigate, you and your family.

-Where do I sign?

 What motivates Raquel Torres to fight against the two robbers dressed in green is not their desire to protect the assets of the insurer. No. This is more of a stalemate. The tiredness of having to get up every day early to go to work with a silly smile on the face while this pair of idlers decide that they are not made for that, they deserve something more, they do not have to check card as She does it. You do not have to be late to your house, all tired, after your children are already asleep. It can be said that this was what most upset Raquel Torres. How much the two assailants remind the father of his son. That and the unnecessary aggressiveness with which the assailant rengo attacked Jacinto, the unarmed security guard his father so much remembers.

“Ralph, what are you doing, do what the boy asks you to do,” says his co-worker.

“You heard me, bitch!” Give me that mother! – shouts the Guts, after breaking with hammer the showcase that separates them, from where it begins to extract jewels with great speed, without seeing what it takes to its sack.

“No mothers, I give nothing to this dick. Let him work, “Raquel Torres informs him, defiant.

The Tripas chooses to throw the hammer towards the cabinet next to the wall. Break the glass. The necklace is exposed.

“Now, give it to me, or I’ll catch you,” he threatens, pointing his gun at him.


“Give me that necklace, bitch,” the Dollar tells Raquel Torres, who says yes.

Raquel Torres turns around. He puts both hands into the shattered display case. Extract the necklace. Trembling with fear. He hands it to the dollar. His hand goes for him. It’s getting too close. Raquel Torres is expensive. He has stuck one of the broken crystals in his jugular. The Dollar says nothing. It simply collapses with everything and its blood trail. The pistol falls next to the Tripas. Raquel Torres emits a battle cry. Now it is she who jumps the counter. The Tripas receives it with a shot in the shoulder. The girl falls to the ground. Sitting. With his back against the counter. Pale. Frightened by the profuse bleeding. Leonardo DiCaprio, still sitting in the minivan, has heard the detonations and screams. He feels he must do something. And fast. The boys have been too long. They have far exceeded the two minutes agreed. Decides to get off the vehicle. Walk to the jewelry store. Next to the entrance is the security guard sitting on the floor and arms raised. Pray please do not kill him. Leonardo ignores it. It passes by. Look at the bodies of Cristian Chávez and the Dollar. The guts stopped with little tips next to both. Leonardo walks a couple more steps. His gaze meets that of the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. The girl looks at him with rancor.

“Bloody hell,” he tells Leonardo, pressing his bloody hand against his shoulder.

-What did you do? He asks the gut.

“That bitch killed the Dollar with a piece of glass.” She’s crazy…

“And you shot him?”

“What else could I do?” It came on me.

“Are you all right, miss?” Leonardo asks Rachel.

“Chumatumadre, puto.

“Let’s go, DiCaprio, here comes the police!” The Guts asks for the sound of the sirens.

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes, as he is dragged by the Guts.

“I hope that the two of them die together,” Raquel Torres wishes for a pair of assailants.

“How beautiful it is,” Leonardo finally says to him, before leaving the jewelry store, without taking his eyes off her.

Raquel Torres follows Leonardo DiCaprio with his sight during his retreat. There is something about it that catches your eye. He knows it from somewhere. Now he remembers. Yes. Leonardo DiCaprio has participated in at least three quinceañera parties to which Raquel Torres has attended. As main chamberlain. Leonardo DiCaprio was rented for such events.

At this moment the two boys do not take their eyes off each other. Raquel continues with the frown, although inside is all curiosity and desire.

Raquel Torres has completely forgotten about her shoulder injury.

And just when the agent Javier Morales, in charge of the patrol 47 of the municipal police, listens to the radio call to go to the jewelry store, and while giving a drink to his goat birria, the miracle happens: in the small Television on the cart of the Ibarra family appears the figure of Giovani Dos Santos mocking a midfielder. And then another. Finally, the Argentine defender Martín Demichelis gives him reach. In that, Giovani Dos Santos shakes his head abruptly, which causes his hairband to fall to the floor with which the Argentine defender stumbles. Giovani Dos Santos leaves him behind. Giovani Dos Santos runs with his beautiful curly mane waving in the air. All of Mexico stands up. With the Jesus in the mouth. Giovani Dos Santos is now alone with the keeper. Play the ball

Two to one.

The commotion. Mexico trembles. He has regained self-confidence. The known mantras are reactivated by all: yes you can, yes you can, yes you can. The sirens go out. The chase after the jewelery muggers stops. Basically they let them escape.

We are talking about a fact of national interest, before the assault any jewelry can expect. The agent Javier Morales leaves his glass of birria on the bar and begins to jump of emotion, with the arms in high.

“Are not we going to the jewelry?” Asks his companion.

-Yes, just let the repetition pass, did you see what goal?


-Don’t worry, the alarm is probably activated by itself …

To the fortune of the jewelery assailants other agents stationed in the North Zone decide to do the same as Javier Morales. No policeman hears the alarm triggered by Raquel Torres.

There are priorities, they think. Everyone stays to see the repetition. To be ecstatic with her. The detonations occurring inside the jewelry are interpreted by those who listen as part of the festivities for the goal of Giovani Dos Santos.