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Threatened by our fucking reports

” Your wanker vazzz to arrive in bits, save your family and all for your fucking shit reports. “Says one of the threats received by the team of reporters Diez4 magazine, the dawn of March 6. Intimidation, signed by ” The uncle john ” in various digital magazine reports continue like ” fucking shit reporterillos not know to invent is the draw sleeve for such spending ink and publish .ya quicieran have great talent and then that dawn in cuartizados bags … ” and in a similar vein are the ten other threats:” andensen carefully team reporterillos Diez4 cruzaros lines of the law of the streets and the assholes people .caguense in their breeches we are going to send His mother. Remember the right to respect from others! is peace or death wanker you have cres very clever how much you smile Marco Tulio hard . ” The amagues come two years after the publication began. We believe that silence in the face of intimidation would be as absurd as impunity. As opposed to reason, as the escape of criminals or exclusion and mistreatment of deportees . To keep silence would be a defeat. But in this challenge, the government must fulfill its task. Elemental: ensure the safety of all its citizens. That includes reporters. ” The law of the streets , ” says the threat in a state of law. So, the morning of March 7, the editorial board of the magazine decided to file a complaint made against the person responsible . The public prosecutor initiated the preliminary investigation 2315/12 / 2111AP for the crime of threats . In these two years as a magazine Tijuana , Diez4 has been devoted to narrative journalism and literature, mostly covering what happens at the border. Issues such as migration, economy, drug trafficking and corruption, reaffirm our interest every day to print reality, even if this affects. To the bad of many and well of few, illegality has occupied the journalistic, political, cultural and social agenda of Mexico. Whats Next? What should happen in automatic. That each one performs the work that corresponds to him: that the state investigates, that the media publish and that the readers exercise their citizenship.