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Box: a business question

Tijuana. Juan Carlos Burgos knocks Moses Zamudio in the seventh assault. The right with which he liquidates his rival confirms his vocation in the boxing. ” It was a tough fight, the strongest opponents I’ve ever faced” he recalls. Two months ago: The boxing trajectory of the Burgos dynasty is put to the test at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. His uncle, Victor “the Dreadnought” Burgos , hovering between life and death. This after trying to regain his world title against Armenian Vic Darchinyan . After an uneven fight, the referee stopped the fight in the twelfth episode. The Battleship collapses on the bench, the product of a clot in the brain. Dr. Paul Wallace acts quickly. Fortunately, a good hospital is nearby: the UCLA Medical Center, where the coma is induced to prevent brain inflammation. The operation is successful. Lifesaving former champion and scourge of stars like Jorge “Travieso” Arce . The Battleship runs with better luck than many of his companions. Unfortunately not all the good brawls in the world are held near good neurological centers. Juan Carlos has decided to leave school to devote himself to boxing. He is convinced that dedication avoids accidents like the one his uncle suffered. Assume the ascetic way of life of the boxer. Find an example to follow. ” The good things about each person must copy them, ” he says. It was inspired by his friend Antonio Margarito , whom he has known for 12 years. ” No matter how bad they say about him, I am a witness that was a very disciplined fighter so I admire him because I know him well and I can speak knowledgeably.” Sacrifices continue jealous sport: wild days in the gym, going out jogging early diets. His passions work as an inducement: boxing, Necaxa (“does not make him into Second Division”), wrestling and horror movies. ” Just leave one called Mom. I already saw the shorts. It looks like it’s going to be good. » The knockouts pile up. Undefeated with 25 straight wins, and his career suffered a setback in 2010: lost by decision in Japan to Hozumi Hasegawa . Your first opportunity for a world championship. Do not be discouraged . He’s back on the string at three months. (Only superstars like Mayweather can afford to fight once a year.) His right places to dance the drunkard to Frankie Archuleta early in the second assault. He sends it to the canvas four times in that same round. The confrontation is not a significant challenge for Burgos. A year later defeats a Top Rank prospect without losses to his name : Luis ‘Craftsman’ Cruz . The quality of their opponents returns to level up. The journeyman Cristobal “Lacandon” Cruz (no relation to the first) resists combinations that others had shot down. At last the oak falls in the sixth, after many axes from Burgos. He gets up for more. With a straight left tomb to Tijuana in the ninth. He manages to stand. Juan Carlos wins by decision. The fight against Cesar “Saba” Vazquez was another sign of the triumph of temperance on debauchery. The Saba fought like a runaway horse, as he had to do against a more technical fighter than he. It is in this fight that are exposed all the virtues of Burgos: pitching, waist movement and good aim. To achieve this last one sometimes uses a slight push, which puts the rival in the distance just for the hook. He put an end to his work with a new attack: it draws the opponent to the ropes and changes of guard in order to turn the whole torso when throwing the left, which places first down and then up. The impacts are so strong that they suspend Saba in the air. The blows that follow are mere procedure. Tony Weeks stopped the fight at not seeing response from Vazquez. Photo: Zonadeboxeo.com. January 19, 2013. New York. Burgos, with vast experience facing colleagues tenacious and aggressive challenges WBO champion, Puerto Rican Roman “Rocky” . It’s well studied. His attack is too open. In videos he has seen him advance frankly, without moving his head or breaking his waist. Moments before the show the challenger looks calm in Madison Square Garden. Confident that he will be champion. The initial bell rings. Martinez incorporates variants to his style. Speculates before assaulting. He undoes from his repertoire the street beat known as the sabanazo. Burgos does not waste time, from the first round begins to pour on Rocky’s body the ingredients of his recipe for knockout. When crashing blows against humanity Martinez sound like effusive applause . Burgos tries to replicate with his left foot above. It does not always succeed. There is a problem: Román has also seen videos of Burgos. He studied the deadly combination that liquidated Saba Vázquez. It is able to prevent it . Burgos announces it when changing of guard. Without many analysts noticing, the contest becomes a game of chess. As soon as he succumbs to the liver, Rocky moves closer to Burgos, applying the maxim that says: “your enemies must be kept close, very close.” He tries to punish Tijuana. It does not have a fixed target. Dodge your blows. In spite of the inefficacy of their attack, the judges are impressed by the impetuous advance of Martinez. They give the monarch several times while the team of Burgos is confident by the massive blow that distributes Burgos to the body of the rival. They are wrong. They are in land of Caribbean. Francisco Valcarcel, president of OMB, is compatriot of the monarch. The offices of this boxing organization are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Mexican boxing career does not belong to the promoter company that organized the show. The announcement of the tie does not surprise the pessimists who saw in the knockout the only way to win for Burgos. Martinez remains king of the superpulse. Those who endorse the ruling reproach the Tijuana for having been led to the ropes. ” Martinez did not take me to the ropes. I was attracted to apply the left hook , “explains the stripped. The interview is conducted during a fight Jose “Tiger” held in an area of Avenida Revolucion. Solidarity and usually are with their countrymen in the function paths boxing legends like Antonio Margarito tijuanense are present, “Jibaro” and Hector Velazquez . ” The company organized the function Martinez ,” it is as Burgos explains the tie, with the ring fixed in sight. Aware that no matter what you put into play, failure is often just a matter of business.