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Reading of poetry to many voices in the Cecut

More than thirty writers and poets on each side of the border will share their creations aloud. Four days of literature divided into two stages of the Tijuana Cultural Center: the Identity and Videopoética workshop and the Fourth Meeting of Poetry Tijuana-San Diego, poeti-Sa Fest 2013. Preceding the IV Tijuana-San Diego Poetry Encounter, the Tijuana Identity Videopoetics workshop, given by Carlos Altamirano, will be held in the meeting room of the Cecut Arts Documentation Center, the results of which will be announced before the closing festival. Illustration: Courtesy In order to create an exchange of experiences regarding the creation of poetry, Poets-Sa Fest 2013 will bring together poets, translators, critics and creators to approximate the literary creation to the wider community through the practice of poetry aloud . They will also attend the festival Jorge Ortega, Anthony Seidman, Mark Wallace, Sandra Doller, David Shook and Gaspar Orozco, who will talk about contemporary American poetry, while Gerda Gobine Ituarte, Peter Harris, along with Wallace and Doller, will offer a poetry reading in English. The Fourth Meeting of Poetry Tijuana-San Diego a round table devoted to independent publishers and magazines with the participation of Ana Chigi, Sandra Doller and René Castillo; Another on poetry translation with Dillon Scalzo, Elizabeth Channey, Ben and Sandra Doller, Roberto Castillo and David Shook, and one more on multidisciplinary practices with the presence of Bernardo Núñez, Daniel Gutiérrez and Brian Schwarszchild. In addition to the analysis tables will be several presentations of books, such as “So far from God. Mexican poetry on the northern border ” , coordinated by Uberto Stabile; and the anthology “The San Diego Annual Poetry” with Anthony Seidman, Bernardo Nunez and Aurelio Meza. The PoeTi-Sa Fest 2013 will come to an end with a session of poetry aloud and live music entitled “Singing to a Land Sun!”, With the participation of vocalist Monica Camacho, actress Maria Vale, the writer Daimary Moreno and musicians Fabián González and Luis Blanco, followed by a Poetic Jam with the IOB: Intrepid Beats Orchestra. The Videopoetic Identity Workshop in Tijuana will be held on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday, July 24, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the Arts Documentation Center of the CECUT. While Poeti-Sa Fest will take place on Thursday , July 25 at the Botanical Garden of Cecut, from 2:30 pm and on Friday , 26 on the terrace of El Cubo,