A tribute to Scott Fitzgerald

On the night of December 20, 1940, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald attended Sheilah Graham at the premiere of The Thing Called Love at a Los Angeles movie. The film was about newlyweds who decide to postpone sex for three months to strengthen their relationship, which alarmed the Catholic Church by going against good morals, just […]

Margarita: the origin of the drink

In June 1928 the first stage of the Agua Caliente racetrack opened in Tijuana, a project that included a 500-room hotel, casino, spa and cafeteria. To the bar of the casino came an elegant young man of 1.65 meters, almost adolescent, just unpacked from the Federal District named David Daniel Negrete Covarrubias. His stay lasted […]

Border Underground Slaves

“They never told me it would be to build a tunnel. They told me about building wooden houses. Once I accepted the job, we got on a pick up Ford. Arriving I was told to crouch because there were many policemen in the place. I got off the pick up and when I lifted my […]

Fragment of the first Mexican narcowestern

Chinola Kid ‘s Christmas gift to Los Pinitos F150 is a blue color, with Nevada plates, 20 – inch chrome wheels and raised suspension. Rodrigo Barajas understood why the godmother refused to take her. Too much risk for an ordinary man. He does not see himself as an ordinary man. He has tried hard not […]

The puppet dilemma

A couple of very difficult to cross blocks have been placed on the way to the lightweight crown. One is called Adrien Broner and the other Miguel Vázquez. Two champions not suitable for all public but that show that the pugilato can be considered more a sport of strategists than of brutes. The first is […]

The Devil’s Tree

I attended elementary school, perhaps the second or third grade just when I went to visit with a friend the school. The high school of the same institution was glued to one side of the primary. Secondary, behind the yard, climbing the stairs that were to one side of the store. It was right there […]

Threatened by our fucking reports

” Your wanker vazzz to arrive in bits, save your family and all for your fucking shit reports. “Says one of the threats received by the team of reporters Diez4 magazine, the dawn of March 6. Intimidation, signed by ” The uncle john ” in various digital magazine reports continue like ” fucking shit reporterillos […]


He asked me for something that I had never considered important until that moment: “Listen to the lyrics of the song”. For some reason that I do not know, my sister and teenager had been struck by the “Black Gate” of the North Tigers (I suppose something had to do with the obvious erotic connotations […]


RÜben Albarrán is a scarecrow wobbling on stage and glistening in the moonlight. It is November 8, a few miles from Atlacomulco, a paradise of PRI underworld. There is the vocalist of Café Tacvba rowing the air. There are 25 years after playing in Mexico City. Albarran is a ghost, a participant of invented figures, […]


A Sometimes I forget I came to the world to spend eight, ten, twelve hours a day sitting in front of the blind glare of a screen, breaking the back and the will and eyes in a tiny cubicle where barely fit in my swivel chair with his legs together To the trash can, under a […]